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Testimonial – Eunice Awino

I vividly remember Bishop Mulandi’s turn of phrase, which came to me as a word of honour,” Eunice, you can.

Testimonial – Simon Kiarie

My name is Simon Chege. I have been serving as a life changer at African Christian Mission International for the.

My adventure in seeking inner healing

It’s well written, and stands true that “hurting people, hurt people”. This is a reality of life that is inevitable.

Testimonial – Irene Chemutai

My name is Irene Chemutai, a born again Christian from Nandi County. I am thanking God for the opportunity He.

Testimonial – Nancy Wanjiru

These special experience keeps me moving ;and believing that it is worth it to love God.I had a practical taste.

What About My Glory!

Do you mean in just one night all the happiness was gone?Eva walked briskly with a beautiful smile on her.

My Leadership – 4 years in Campus

Seated here, writing this, it is a reflective moment for me in retrospect of my last handing over in the.

You Are A Gift!

“… I pray that you will have the courage to say yes to the things that God is calling you.

The Power of Attachment: The Struggle of.

I gazed in disbelief as my friend walked away from me and though seeing it,  I could not believe it!.

A Path of Spiritual Growth

The Impact of Christian Union to the Life of a StudentGreetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus.