African Christian Mission International (ACMI)

Mission Support

With the ever-growing demands, there was need to establish programs that can help in sustaining the mission work within the ACMI scope of operation. Various services are offered in line with these needs to ensure the core programs are run without facing financial hitches.

These services are offered on friendly prices just for sustainability purposes and not for profit gains. Members of the public are encouraged to be a blessing by exploring the different departments and enjoying wonderful products at competitive packages.


This is a critical area that enhances nutritious living thus contributing to economic growth. The department is designed to prepare delicious and healthy food to both staff and other people within ACMI environment. The services spread to outside catering whenever a need arises to ensure the running of other programs is not affected due to lack of enough finances. You can make a booking and enjoy the prestigious services offered by professionals in the field of catering and hospitality.


As an organization, we are blessed to have various means of transport that facilitate our movement from one mission field to the other. However, there are days that we are less engaged thus providing room for vehicles that can be hired to generate income that is channeled towards the running of core programs. By hiring our transport services, you have played a crucial role of transforming a needy person’s life hence fulfilling God’s purpose on earth. Be blessed even as you purpose to use our transport services to meet your needs as you play a role in reaching out to deserving citizens

Grounds For Hire

ACMI grounds have been used by many people to host guests for their wedding reception and other related activities. We strive to provide a friendly environment that will let you enjoy amble moment with your friends and relatives for various reasons. Please feel free to interact with this prestigious garden that will change your perception towards life.

Tents & Chairs

These are supplementing services that help us to minister in different regions because funds raised from the hiring process are channeled to various mission activities. We have tents and chairs that accommodate different capacities hence making us the ideal service providers during your party and any other gatherings.

Conference Rooms

ACMI has different sizes ideal for your special meetings. The largest hall can host 300 participants while the smallest 50 members at ago. As indicated, we have hospitality services that can complement the events when you hire a conference room. Looking forward to host you.

Public Address

This is meant to facilitate effective communication when you have an even. Quality sound system is an essential factor during an event thus making our P.A appropriate for your event. Please be counted as one of our supporters by hiring this service for your private and public functions.

Poultry Farming

As a way of maintaining good health, ACMI is committed to offer supplementary diet through feeding children with eggs that supply proteins to the beneficiaries. Poultry farming is one of our projects that not only offers eggs to the children but also used as a source of income to the organization to benefit the children.


To enhance our culture, we have carvings that demonstrates diversified Kenyan culture that is rich in history. The carvings are suitable for your house decorations, gifts, and souvenir packages to friends and relatives. Just like the other projects, the outcomes of these sales are channeled towards missions support.