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About Life Changers

The Life Changers are young people who have completed their college/university and have given their first year after school to Serve and be mentored. They tirelessly go from one mission to another, visiting primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, from county to county and village to village, taking the good news to the poor. The labor is worth. The souls converted and lives changed is a great reward.

Imagine more than 30, 000 thousands elementary schools with an average of 500 pupils, more than 10, 000 Secondary schools, and then colleges and universities. This is a population of young people who without knowing Christ, may perish in drugs and immorality in the modern world. But not with us reaching them first, calling them to God’s love and grace. With your support with the Life Changers upkeep we can be able to reach many.

This program dubbed “One year for Christ” is a short-term term experience in ministry for a year and is geared towards promoting positive character development. Their slogan is Pacesetters in character.

You can adopt one, two or more Life changers by making a monthly contribution. Monthly budget for one life changer $150. Your consistent, monthly giving will bring unimaginable stability, peace of mind and help in

Monthly budget for one life changer $150

The Current number of Life Changers is 18.

With your support and God’s help we are hoping to reach 50 as the Lord is opening more missions doors to go and reach the lost young souls across.

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