Burn Out In The Ministry


The recent exit of Pastor Pete Wilson of Cross Point Church in Nashville is breaking the internet. The cross-point church is a church of over 7000 members in five locations.


👉 50% of pastors exit the ministry annually

👉Pastors are not superhuman, they can get to breaking points

👉most pastors don’t have people to pour their hearts to

👉The only army that shoots its solders and lieutenants without any tangible offence is the church

👉pastors neglect their own needs to meet the needs of others

👉A man of God is an ordinary man in the hands of a mighty God



*Ministering without being ministered to

*Lack of delegation

*Giving in to accusations and criticism

*Zero retreat

*No leave or vacation

*Indifference to hobbies and recreational activities

*Un-supporting partners

*Frustrations for personal needs

*uncooperative team and associates

*oppression from “fathers” in the ministry


*walking alone in ministry

*satanic counter attacks

*How to avoid burnout*

* Have a mentor that you can pour out your heart to

* Take time out from time to time

* Cultivate a Pattern of relaxation by engaging in some recreational activities

* Know when to retreat so that you don’t surrender

* Delegate wisely

* Don’t be a lone-ranger (wisely relate with other ministers and ministries) you can’t survive alone, but be wise

* Relate well with your wife and children, they are your inner circle.


*Send this message to every minister of God that you know.

*And to all responsible members that you also know so that they too can be of help and encouragement to their Pastors.

May God sustain true servants of God that labor day and night in his vineyard.

Can you please be a helping hand to your Pastor and remember to share with him always?

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