A True Friend

A true friend sees and focuses more on the good in you, not the bad.

He desires your good, not ruin.

He is glad when you prosper, looking forward to more success in your life.

He is with you in times of pain and suffering, ready to stand with you through it all.

A true friend never hesitates to commend you for every positive and remarkable thing they see in you.

true friend will remove the piece of mattress on your beard or hair, alert you when your clothe has dust, he will tell you where your face isn’t well oiled and even go ahead and provide a solution rather than leave you to be laughed at.

A true friend is pained when you are in pain, hurts when you are hurt, sorrows when you are sorrowful, anguishes when you anguish, but sincerely thrilled when you succeed!! Your pain is his pain, your suffering his suffering, your fall his fall, your success his success. He truly feels your pain even when he cannot help much. He shares in your distress and sorrow.

He will call you when he realizes you’ve kept quiet too much. He is the first one to notice your absence in church.

He doesn’t hesitate to share with you any information or material that he considers helpful to you.

A true friend will never entertain false accusations about you brought to him by someone else but will strive to defend you when others are speaking falsely and maliciously behind your back.

He is willing and always ready to take you as you are. He doesn’t condemn you but jokingly and gently corrects you when convinced of your error.

He is not a fault –finder but a praise-finder, eagerly seeking the things to praise and commend you for rather than those to reprimand you.

He passionately prays for you whether or not a prayer meeting has been organized.

He is absolutely honest with you when expressing himself. He will not say things are okay when they are not. He ensures he tells you all you need to know, not what you want to hear. He does not flatter or slander you.

He has no fear in his dealings with you but is always easy and candid whenever he is with you.

He always has a big, forgiving heart. He doesn’t keep a record of the wrongs you’ve done to him. He hates to dwell on past hurts but quickly forgets and overlooks your offenses.

He will always look for a way of helping you when in trouble.

He is always seeking your good and development, to improve you and make you better no matter what it takes.

He is the first to notice when you are not in your normal state of soul, body or spirit and he would want to know what the problem is. He will stand with you even when you are on the wrong, to help you recover and come back to the right.

He takes you as you are, not as according to what you can give him or do for him.

believes in you when everyone else has lost faith in you; remains by your side when others turn their back on you.

He never loses sight of the beauty in you, always cherishes your uniqueness and treats you as such without comparing you with anyone.

He respects you and would never do anything to undermine you or lower your reputation or dignity.

He does not expose your mistakes, weaknesses or blunders to others but seeks to cover your shame and gently help you overcome them.

He swiftly sounds you the warning alarm well ahead of time whenever he senses an oncoming danger, fall or trouble rather than blame and reproach you once the damage has been done.

He sticks closer than your brother (Prov 18:24)./p>

He considers you far much more important and precious than what you have or don’t have or where you live. He is patient with you and does not easily give up on you./p>

He is like a star. You may not see him in the daytime. It is in the night that you see him much clearly, shining on you and brightening your life. Just as the saying goes: In prosperity, your friends know you, in adversity, you know your friends. Though distance and time may separate you, you always remain in his heart. Nothing can separate him from you./p>

A genuine friend encourages and challenges us to live out our best thoughts, honor our purest motives, and achieve our most significant dreams – Dan Reiland

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